The Senate voted to extend sanctions on Iran for another 10 years. Because it had bipartisan support, Obama may have no choice but to sign it. Iran has threatened retaliation if it becomes law. Gee – I wonder what kind of retaliation they have in mind? I’m confident they expect the US to withdraw from the agreement. The rest of the countries probably won’t. But as I mentioned in a previous post, Iran will now feel justified in unleashing some kind of cyber attack on us. Will it be the banks? Nah – they already did that. Infrastructure? Probably aren’t ready for that. I suspect that with their buddy Putin’s help, they’ll hack some more sensitive documents out of D.C. Or maybe the RNC. Sort of akin to having a pet rattlesnake. Russia will pretend they had nothing to do with it, and Iran will take credit. Gonna get interesting…hugely.iran-hacking

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