Making Anthony (DtheT) Mad

little anthony

Last March, I wrote a blog piece about Kim the Young-Un, referencing the old Twilight Zone episode about Little Anthony, played by Billy Mumy. If you made little Anthony mad, he had the power to turn you into a jack-in-the-box. We appear to have a similar situation with DtheT, and just about everybody with whom he’s come into contact. There’s poor Mittens, humiliated beyond belief in his false hunt for that SofS position. Or how about Carly Fiorina, not just humiliated over her sharp-nosed looks during the campaign, but now forced to suck DtheT’s toes in search of a lesser position somewhere in the Trump shelf of acolytes (won’t call it a cabinet). But the two most egregious acts of humiliation were reserved for the Tweeter-in-Chief-Elect’s alleged “friends”: Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

Christie made the mistake of having his Joisey subordinates convicted of messing with traffic on a bridge. But was that really it? Nah. And Rudy? Allegedly blowing his own horn too loudly? Was that what got him bounced from consideration for SofS? Nah. What these two have in common in making little Anthony, er DtheT, stop thinking about them for anything, was this:

Neither man offered Trumplethinskin anything of value going forward.

Rex Tillerson is now the nominee for SofS. His friendship with Vlad the Impaler will be DtheT’s entree into what DtheT thinks will be the battle of the Titans between he and Vlad. This plot line comes straight out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Lost Boys – yeah, that one is better. But which one is Michael, and which one is David? Interesting that those two characters have biblical names. Hey – maybe The Lost Boys was allegorical? Sure enough, that’s what we have before us. King Ralph (Michael the Archangel?) vs Vlad the Bad (David, the Blond Kiefer)?


I’m fairly certain this joust is not going to end well. And if I were a citizen of Lithuania, Estonia or Latvia, I’d worry about becoming Paul, Dwayne or Marko..satellites in David’s orbit. All Michael had to help him kill the Vampires was his brother Sam and The Frog Brothers. But the two Coreys and the other guy were really there for comic relief from all that neck biting. So really, DtheT will have to fight this epic battle alone. Of course, that’s not a problem – he prefers it that way.

So who will win? Will Anthony (DtheT) put jack-in-the-box-vladVlad the Bad in a box? Or will Mr. KGB put Selfish Diaper Baby in a corner/playpen? Wait, watch and pray that the battle doesn’t morph into something for which we all will pay.


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