Vampires…and Fascism

Remember that great scene in The Lost Boys with Max, the head Vampire? I know I keep referencing that movie, but geez, it’s really on point in these SURREAL days.

So Max reminds the non-Corey kid of the Frog Brothers that you are helpless if you invite a vampire into your house. So how is that relevant? I just finished watching Part II of The Battle of Chile. The documentary film was made in 1976, while the Pinochet takeover was happening. Here’s the point: the good citizenry of Chile thought it was a fine idea for Augusto and the boys to take over the government, as strikes called by supporters of the Allende government caused life to become a trifle difficult in Santiago. So with much help from the Nixon administration’s CIA, Allende was overthrown and killed himself, rather than being taken prisoner by the junta.

Over the following 15 or so years, 3,000 folk ‘disappeared’ and repression was the name of the game. So the message here: be careful when you invite the Vampire in. Listen to Max’s advice. I think he knows of whence he speaks. vampire-donald

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