Mitch Gets It

mitch gets it

Here’s a picture of McConnell and Ryan, taken while DtheT was delivering his inaugural Hitler-inspired screed (see previous post). The looks on the two men’s faces couldn’t be different. Ryan is basking in the glow of words that should be sending shivers down his spine. His desire for raw power is superseding his sense. Sad that he doesn’t realize the peril that he faces: he’ll likely figure it out, and then, my friends, he’ll have to go.

But more interesting is the look on Mitch’s face. As he listens to the disjointed, ugly, fear-feeling and mongering speech, he knows that this will spell the end of the Republican party he has served and enjoyed for the past 53 years. And it won’t be a soft landing for the party, either. It will be an ignoble end, and likely doom the party to at least a decade of humiliation and pariah status, not just with Americans, but across the globe. You almost feel a little sorry for him.

But don’t. When the Tea Party was first in its ascendancy, Mitch thought he could use them to his own ends: first to garner the Majority Leader position, and then for a Republican to win the presidency. He envisioned a return to prototypical conservatism: low taxes, an emphasis on global business and trade, and an end to regulation that stifled commerce. Well, he got the presidency for the Republicans. But not the kind of president he thought would work with him – you know, Jeb Bush. Instead, he got DtheT, a psychopathic, petty thin skin who represents all that is dark about the deplorable portion of the party. In his column today, David Brooks refers to DtheT’s motivation as “porcupine fear”. I’m not quite sure what that is, since Googling the phrase only gives me some progressive rock band’s album name. But it does conjure up a picture, eh?

So look at Mitch’s face and examine it well. What do you see? Porcupine fear.fearful porcupine

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