450 Is the Number

Of Days left before the November 3rd election to rid us of this meddlesome pest (quote from Henry II re: Becket – with slight modification)

Trump ain’t no priest, that’s for sure, much less an Archbishop. But his followers do think him a martyr for a cause – one that’s on the verge of death..no more white supremecy.

But let’s talk about China. Gzero’s annoying Ian Bremmer provided perspective. Sadly, he should have been taking notes when Charlie Rose interviewed him. He and Ammanpour make the same deadly mistake of monopolizing the conversation instead of letting the subject speak. Anyway, the perspective? There are three perspectives on the trade war with China. One from a Democrat politician (useless), one from a Chinese ex-pat finance gal and one from a former Prime Minister of Australia. Interesting sources, eh?

Forget about the Dem politician – gave Trump kudos for starting the trade war by confronting China’s violation of WTO rules, then trashed him for his methodology for dealing with the aftermath – cause he coulda done better? Don’t know – Gzero boy didn’t ask him.

The Chinese lady in finance says Trump’s trade war is actually helping China by forcing it to be more independent of its manufacturing base. I agree with this point. But she didn’t look beyond it – bring on the Aussie Ambassador.

He made two good points. First: China negotiated the way it always did – promise until it’s time to sign and then waffle on accountability. That’s how we got in trouble in the first place. But he added a second good point. Xi has stepped out from where the old guard was – taking a much more assertive lead in global economic affairs for which he is vulnerable to his many enemies within the party. Reference President Rouhani of Iran signing onto the nuclear treaty, with lots of criticism from the power brokers in the Republican Guard.

But Xi perceived a global weakness in leadership and decided to use China’s vast resources to maneuver things to China’s benefit. And who did he emulate in doing this? Why, the US of course. Same situation was occurring after WW II, and the Marshal plan was instituted – ostensibly to held rebuild Europe, but in reality to transition America’s manufacturing from war materiĆ©l to bricks and steel and everything needed to rebuild what Britain and we bombed in Germany, and what Germany destroyed in Britain and France. Unlimited demand – kept the economy going. Did we get paid back? Not directly – the rationale was to keep these countries out from under the Soviet sphere, so it was the kickoff to the cold war. But rebuilt Britain, France and Germany did actively trade with the US after rebuilding, so it was an excellent investment. Xi is investing in Iran, the horn of Africa and Venezuela. He’s building ports in all those countries. Why would Xi want ports in the middle east and western hemisphere? No doubt to bolster trade, right? Hmm..hawks would tend to disagree. I think he’s preparing for whatever comes his way.

But just remember: 450 more days ’til bliss or blister.

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