449 or Bust

A mere 449 days left until the election, and we’re all biding our time and hoping to survive until that day of nerves or nirvana. I, for one, am skeptical that any of the current Democratic candidates can survive the race intact – and that the party as a whole can rally ’round one candidate. So I’m preparing myself for the worst…fodder for the writing mill, if nothing else.

Research for a major project is always interesting and sometimes enlightening. I’ve been doing family history research in preparation for writing something called Clemmie – about an uncle who died 75 years ago in Weewak, New Guinea. Questions we didn’t know how enough to ask are now being both asked and answered in my attempt at authenticity in the writing. If that is possible, then the product will be good…although the writing of it will require a leap of faith. I find it difficult to put into outline form that which will become the dialogue necessary to tell the story. It’s a mashup of Field of Dreams and Lincoln at the Bardo. Heaven is a house in south Miami which no longer exists – did you know that?

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