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…you know the rest. School started today for Emily and Kiernan. Em is back at Jupiter High; Kiernan starts first grade at Franklin Academy. Here’s the first day of school annual pic.

It feels like every time there’s another mass shooting, it boosts the beliefs on both sides of the debate. All common sense has gone out of the window. When it adds to the demographic reality that life spans are decreasing in the US, will anyone pay attention – or even care to try to change it? We all seem to live on different islands in the same pool of hot lava. Does it ever occur to anybody that putting those islands together is the only way to get out of the volcano?

Apparently not. Greed and ideology are a toxic mix…tho’ the purveyors of the isms have more of the greed than the philosophy. Grows tiresome. Are we just holding our breath, waiting for the next shooting to whip up the same debates that go nowhere? On average, there’s one every two weeks, so another week to go and boom! We’ll be at it again.

Where will it happen? Shopping mall? How about using the old double trick used by jihadis of two bombs – one immediate and one delayed – to maximize the casualties and get those first responders that steal the limelight from these true believers? It’s all insanity, but real nonetheless. Thoughts and prayers won’t make it stop. Electing Joe Biden probably won’t make it stop. And turning the US into a gun-free dictatorship isn’t the answer either. It’ll take another generation, but we need to change the culture that makes these guys step out from behind the laptop console and go targeting real people. According to one guy who allegedly ‘deprograms’ white supremecists, their goal is not to outdo one another – it’s to match little Timmy McVeigh’s record at Oklahoma City. Will it wind down after that? Nope – just create a new record to try to exceed.

But what are the actual odds of being killed in a mass shooting in America? Impossible to say – six different articles on the internet have six different numbers. But I think it’s safe to say the odds are less than normal ways to be accidentally killed – car, motorcycle or bike wrecks come to mind. But if you go in your car without a seatbelt being buckled; or on your bike without a helmet, then you are increasing your odds. With the number of guns in America such that there is one for every man, woman and child, there wouldn’t be much you could do to prevent it – maybe other than wearing a kevlar vest all the time. But that would likely increase your chances of being killed by a cop. You must be ready to shoot – otherwise, why would you be wearing kevlar?

Not a good situation. But we’ll just KBO (keep buggering on..thank you, Winston).

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