days left til the election and the news is all over the place – who’s ahead, who’s slipping, will “Uncle Joe’s” gaffes ruin his chances – especially since he’s the front runner?

I’m beginning to think Lizzie Warren and Bernie the big head have the right idea – Medicare for all. Let’s go ahead and turn into the equivalent of the British health service that’s broke and can’t attract good help because of low pay. But at least everyone will have coverage, right? Hmm..be careful what you wish for. We strive for mediocrity in all things, and we’re decidedly on the path to attain it.

The economy is showing signs of softness but it’ll take something more than the tariff war to send it into a tailspin. Even mediocre (there’s that word again) corporate profits haven’t been enough to kill the Dow. Why? Too much of ‘other people’s money’ to throw into a stock market so overheated it’s spewing lava…there’s that reference to all of us on islands in the volcano again. But really, people, isn’t that the case? Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re holding your breath, waiting for the next headline? Mass shootings; financial fraud revealed; financial fraud accompanied by sex crimes accompanied by spectacular suicide..now that’s fodder for every grist mill out there. Poor Jeffrey – escaped at every turn, but finally brought really low by greedy lawyers talking stupid girls into telling their seamy stories…we live in the pages of the National Enquirer..which is also going broke. Sigh.

OK..is there anything good out there on the horizon? I’m thinking … thinking…no, not really.

HBO started a 10 part series last night called Our Boys about two incidents from 2014 in Jerusalem. Three Israeli boys are kidnapped and murdered, ostensibly by somebody on the other side of the literal wall. So somebody exacts revenge by kidnapping, torturing and murdering a sixteen year old Arab boy. Only two episodes of the series so far, but what I’ve seen makes clear three things. First – nationalism is alive and well in Israel, aided, abetted – nay promulgated – by Bibi Netanyahu to maintain his power and corruption. Israel is as divided – between ultra religious and secular – as the US is red and blue. Second – the police are inept interviewers, always assuming the worst about their neighbors on the other side of the wall instead of taking their problems seriously and trying to address real issues. And third – it doesn’t take much to spark violence between the groups. Moreover, there are very few folks – on either side – trying to staunch the emotion that leads to violence. Yes, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, Israel is sitting on a powder keg of its own creation. By trying to ensure the holocaust never happens again, the youth of Israel have become ever so much like their former persecutors from the earlier days of Nazism. And the Israeli Arabs look and often act like the Jews from the WW II vintage Warsaw ghetto. It’s a bizarre situation; can’t see how it’ll get better any time soon. But one thing this series does, that is so vitally important if there is to be some kind of solution: it puts a human face on and gives a back story to – all these teenaged boys. Why¬†can’t we all just get along?

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