Man, 446 days ’til the you know what seems like forever. So maybe if I break it down into pieces, it won’t seem so far away.

OK – milestones. My next book, And Forbid Them Not comes out on Labor Day, September 2nd. So that’s 19 days from now. So that’ll be day 427. The next book, Let Them Come Unto Me comes out on Halloween. That is 59 days later, so that’ll be day 368. Incidentally, October 31st is also the deadline that could lead to a No Deal Brexit..just thought you’d wanna know… Three days later, and it’ll be exactly a year ’til the election. I think that does help a bit!

So there you have it…the best way to eat an elephant – or prepare to defeat the elephant – is one bite at a time. Ciao.

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