Day 433 and I suppose it’s time to talk about the weather. Thanks to the El Nino fading, our hurricane protection has now gone away. Crank up the generators, and kiss Puerto Rico goodbye – again.

You’d think by now we’d be used to hurricanes hitting us in September and October – gotten to be a habit with the weather gods. Michael, Iris, Matthew – all occurring in this time frame. We missed a direct hit with Matthew and never lost power. Iris was worse; no power for 4 days and the house got to 89° F before we bailed and went into town for a fine meal at very-much powered up McCarthy’s pub. Best meal ever! Michael went to Tallahassee and played havoc with our home and child there. So this time, we have a storm named Dorian, who was supposed to come in as a tropical storm and is now aiming at Melbourne as a Category 3. They can get the track right; never the intensity.

But geez – how many storms do we have to experience before we see the pattern? The intensification generally occurs as it gets closer to land and then may back off a bit in shallower waters. But ask the people about that at Mexico Beach that Michael wiped out last year.

I doubt they’ve made much progress in rebuilding. But they won’t get the brunt of Dorian; Daytona will. Watch out, sister in Deland! You’re a bit inland, but do you have a generator? If not, might be wise to grab one before they’re all gone – all those trees around y’all’s property may have an impact. I’ll call her and talk about it. Later, hurricane haters!

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