423 & 422

Wanna talk about a couple of movies I’ve just seen – one on APrime and one in the theater at that wonderful place called Cinepolis.

The first one is Late Night with Emma T and Mindy K and the rest are just the usual suspects with a very much wasted John Lithgow. Sad to see..anyway, Emma has a late night show (remember Joan Rivers? No? Oh, um..anyway) late night show and the ratings are sagging so the stereotypical bitch network lady head says she’s going to be fired – but worse, replaced with a potty mouth young vulgarian boy cumedian (yes, I used that word on purpose – I hope I invented it and didn’t just copy some silly milly).

Poor Emma has to have a comuppance and a good sanding as she becomes ‘nice’ – and Mindy is there to suffer, but nevertheless to save the mostly ungrateful Em. It was like The Devil Wears Prada meets any Bollywood movie of late, but without the music and dancing. Guess you get the feeling I didn’t like it. Well, that’s not the point. It’s sort of like a meta movie – but not nearly as good as, say Truffaut’s Day for Night or even Altman’s Pret a Porter. Mindy probably has suffered on her way to the top where she’s now calling the shots. And Emma probably has struggled with getting replaced by younger…actors. But in this case, it’s just all too predictable. Cue the crying under the desk. Cue the last minute scandal to hurt the long-suffering husband in the background. Geez..We’ve dumbed down movies and now that Em is a blonde, she can play just about anybody you want to see? Goodbye Nanny McFizzle. Hello Anatomic Blonde.

Then there’s the second film – a tiny little thing with no promo and probably shoulda gone straight to video, but it didn’t, and we saw it at that lovely Cinepolis and … it was great. Film name? The Peanut Butter Falcon…Shia LeBoeuf (or however you spell his name – too tired to look it up – you know who I mean) with Dakota Johnson, Bruce Dern, that skinny bad guy you’ve seen a hundred times (ok..here’s his picture) and a marvelous little actor graduate from Dreyfoos School of the Arts named Zack ..he’s here too…guess which is which…hint – Zack Gottsagen has Down’s syndrome and frankly he did as good a job as any of the Hollywoodies.

A simple little adventure story with a well played sound track and a mention of the old home town as a sort of Nirvana for a mourning kid in trouble – what more could you want? Check it out…don’t waste your time on Late Night – it’ll just make you more cynical..like me.

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