Oh boy, here we go again. Sorry to bring this up again, but it is sort of the topic du jour. Here’s the quote from a guy named Shawn Rosenberg: ” In sum, the majority of Americans are generally unable to understand or value democratic culture, institutions, practices or citizenship in the manner required,” Rosenberg has concluded. β€œTo the degree to which they are required to do so, they will interpret what is demanded of them in distorting and inadequate ways. As a result they will interact and communicate in ways that undermine the functioning of democratic institutions and the meaning of democratic practices and values.”

This is from a paper delivered at the meeting of the International Society of Political Psychologists held in Lisbon last month. This fellow Rosenberg is pretty famous in his circle, so I expect what he says carries some weight. His thesis is “Democracy is devouring itself and it won’t last.” Democracy is devouring itself..now that’s a fraught line if ever I saw one. What he’s really saying is that the lazy, impressionable, stupid people in America are giving away their freedoms to the convenience of the fascist state that will make their decisions for them. So we’re like Russian peasants in 1917? Shawn seems to think so.

So now we’ve heard from another egghead/thought leader/columnist that we are doomed as a country. The ‘golden age’ of democracy lasted only about 70 years…there’s some irony…the Soviet Union lasted about 70 years. Is there something special about that number? It represents three generations…the theory being it takes three generations to forget the horrors that were inflicted on the world 70 years ago.

If democracy is to end and authoritarianism is to take its place, then the institutions of democracy will go with it. Who needs elections every four years? Maybe a president for life is what we need. I know a guy who’d volunteer for the job. In fact, in November of 2020, he might insist on it.

In conclusion, all this reminds me of a song by a Norwegian singer, Ane Brun called One. You may remember it if you’re an avid PBS watcher, as they used it in their ads. Here’s the end of the song’s lyrics:

Stones from dust
Anger from fear
Poetry from heartbeats
Revolution from dreams
Revolution from dreams
Revolution from dreams
It all starts somewhere
It all starts with one
Everything comes from something
It all starts with one
Starts with one

The trouble will start with someone we can’t even begin to imagine yet. But it will end with revolution and war – somewhere. Here? Maybe

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