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The UN opens its fall session today, with an impassioned speech by the Nordic princess of climate change, Greta Thunberg. You gotta admit, the kid has guts and did a great job with her speech, but sadly, to the wrong folk..they have no authority to do anything that will make any changes to the climate – or anything else. Alas.

The only way the world will begin to address climate change is when a critical mass of humans that aren’t poor and brown die. What is really needed here is for someone to find a way to make real money from finding solutions to prevent the earth from heating up. Unfortunately, we aren’t that clever, so it will be a while and a lot of folk will suffer…along the way to achieving that critical mass. How many will it take? 1%? Since there’s 7.7 billion people, that means 770,000 people have to die. So far we’re estimating about 400,000 per year – so we’re halfway there! Anyone volunteering to make up the difference? Not me – not finished with my books yet, and can’t leave my readers hanging.

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