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So the question at hand – hotly debated but never fully resolved – will impeachment efforts by the Democratic house help or hinder DtheT/crazy? I’m not sure anyone that is asked to speak on the topic fully understands the depth and complexity of the question or the process. Why is this? Because there are so few precedents upon which to base impeachment.

Depth and complexity. Removing a president – or any high ranking politician in this country – is fraught with peril, as John Yoo said in his op-ed piece in the NY Times. Name sound familiar? He’s the guy who told Baby Bush that waterboarding wasn’t torture – technically and from a purely legal standpoint.

And that’s the problem here as well. Technicalities and from a legal standpoint totally ignore the ultimate court – that of public opinion that can make or break an election. So on the one hand, does impeachment make Trump a martyr, based on talk radio and Fox news rhetoric? Absolutely. Conversely, if he is impeached but the Senate refuses to convict him, will that sway independents and middle of the road Conservative voters to turn out their recalcitrant Senator – or their convicting Senator in the case of the true believers? Maybe. But here’s the proverbial bottom line here. If Trump is impeached based on things he’s said to a foreign leader, the implications for future presidents could be disastrous. Strangely enough, that was what John Yoo said. So I guess that means I agree with John Yoo. Did the world stop turning? It should, for such a strange confluence of things to occur.

If future presidents fear their conversations – either with their aides or with foreign leaders – will get them impeached, either they’ll never write anything down, or they’ll never talk to anyone without first thinking of whether or not they are popular enough – or have sufficient cover in the Senate – to survive impeachment. Because the “I” word will become the new parlor game in D.C. Never mind governing – let’s just get more dirt on the guy in the oval office so our side will take the spot. Then the game will start all over again. This will inevitably cause all of us to lose faith in the process, paving the way for some real trouble, either in the form of a demagogue worse than Trump, or strong man takeover of the slot with associated reforms to eliminate key parts of the democratic process. So Dems in the House – let’s take this nice and slow. Borrow a playing card from the Chinese..talk about it, maybe have a few hearings, but let the real process – the voting process – decide whether DtheT/crazy should stay or go.

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