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The only thing people are talking about today is the Trump call to the President of Ukraine and should we/should we not impeach the bastard? As many predicted, this hardens the lines between those for and against DtheT/crazy. So when all this is said & done, how can we ever have a successful election again? I guess that’s the goal – not to have any more.

It sickens and saddens me that we have come to this, but hey – every institution has to end sooner or later, right? It appears to be close to our time to evolve into something much further to the right – institutionalized power tilted to varying degrees of right wingedness. No good will come of this – but then, not much good came from the tilt toward left wingedness

that began during the Great Depression and ended in ’92 with the Gingrich takeover of both houses of Congress. So let’s say from ’32 to ’92 – 60 years; that means we can expect to see the right wing tilt until 2052 when there will likely be a serious economic and political miasma exacerbated – or caused – by the final fruits of climate change. I’d be 102 by then, so it won’t be in my lifetime when we swing back. So what does this mean for me and mine? Three things (isn’t always three things?) First – we will have to declare our allegiance to the right side, or face consequences that will affect our pocketbooks if not our physical freedom. Second – we will worry about attacks on us from the rest of the world – the chickens coming home to roost, euphemistically speaking. Revenge will be exacted for all our misdeeds from the ’20’s ’til now. Finally – and nobody talks about this one – destruction will occur, all the way down to the family level.

I’ve got Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia in mind – those who supported the rise of the two men; those who failed to grasp the extent of each man’s capacity to wreak havoc on everyone to varying degrees. This tore whole families apart. The same will happen here. Civility will go out the window and children will inform on their parents and siblings in the name of honoring the party. It’s a mass psychosis that keeps people from effectively communicating with one another.

Will there be any way to stop it? I don’t think so – it happens so slowly, and the only thing one can do is expect it to run its course and try to keep one’s head down – and on one’s shoulders. Life will be a challenge henceforth, to say the least.

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