402 & 401

The question for today: will DtheT/crazy even make it in his presidency for another 401 days? Enquiring minds want to know – mine doesn’t care anymore. So why am I counting down the days? Because anything can happen..and likely will. Why not call this reality series Survivor Meets the West Wing? Yeah – I like that.

2 thoughts on “402 & 401

  1. Hi Susan! In response to your Question of the Day, since DJT unceremoniously pulled US out of Syria and told those on the front lines to adapt, I’m sure he’ll easily be able to adapt when he is voted out of office.

    Martha forwarded your Blog and I’m enjoying your writing! Can we become FB friends so I can continue enjoying your posts?! Yes, lets!

    • Hey, Sue –

      I did accept your Friend request – it’s so nice to reconnect after so many years..
      But regarding your assumption about the man I refer to as DtheT/crazier (not craziest yet), I’m not so sure he’ll adapt..point of fact, I’m not sure he won’t barricade himself in the Oval Office and call for his supporters to mount a revolution. Then he’ll be DtheT/craziest..the sooner he goes away the better, but his supporters – and I number several of my relatives amongst the flock – scare me. They live in a world parallel to mine, that is a closed system of conspiracy theory, outright lies and, at times, utter nonsense. This is like a reality series for sure, but one I’m not entirely sure is gonna have a happy ending.

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