399 & 398

Interesting show on Frontline – about Mohammed Bin Salman and the murder of Khashoggi. It provided a fair amount of background about the journalist and how MBS turned on him when he thought his power was unlimited. Surprise! It’s not.

But at least for a while longer, despots and demagogues will continue to rule as the sheep amongst us long for some semblence of stability, rather than fighting for the right to say what we think is right. To continue with the parallels with Germany in the 30’s, here’s a quote from William Shirer, The Nightmare Years: 1930-1940.

There in the floodlit night, jammed together like sardines, in one massive formation, the little men of Germany, who have made Nazism possible, achieved the highest state of being the Germanic man knows: the shedding of their individual souls and minds – with the personal responsibilities and doubts and problems – until under the mystic lights and at the sound of the magic words of the Austrian they were merged completely in the German herd.”

Free speech is soon going to be a thing of the past, because of technology and concentrated power in the wrong hands. So that gives this blog a rather short shelf-life. Maybe generations from now, it’ll be like the last dinosaurs – to be marveled at and mourned in its loss. Baaaa.

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