396 & 395

Kiernan is helping me write this post. Kiernan: what do you want to say? Kiernan says she wants to help animals. How can she do this? Do you have any ideas? Let’s talk about animals.

Kiernan says do not throw trash on the beach and in the forest. She added don’t throw trash in the ocean – it already has enough as it is. Kiernan says you should help animals when they’re in danger. I just read a story about a dog rescue group that used a drone to find a dog trapped in the rubble in the Bahamas. They moved the rubble, and found the dog, barely alive. They took it back to their animal rescue center, and it is doing OK. That is an example of what Kiernan wants all of us to do: help animals when they’re in danger!

Kiernan says that’s all she wants to say about animals.

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