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The thing I hate most about writing is marketing; it feels like shilling when I tell people about my books. I guess that’s why professional writers hire agents and PR people; you’re either good at it or you’re not and I am decidedly NOT…good at it.

Having gotten that off my chest, I guess it’s time to talk about current events again. So the question is: has he lost whatever mind he used to have or are his latest pronouncements just another round of what he always does – trying to scare his critics into backing down? It reminds me of a movie I will likely watch every time it’s on: The Fifth Element. If you recall the plot, there’s evil, eviler and evilest. Everybody has somebody calling the shots for them that is Richter scale more dastardly. It’s the President for Korben Dallas; it’s Gary Oldman’s character Zorg for the President; and it’s some other, unnamed evil creature that scares poor Zorg so that he bleeds chocolate out of his hairline. Now that’s evilest!

Gary Oldman as Zorg

So where’s the connection with DtheT/crazy(er? not est yet?) and current events? It’s this. For 95% of the movie, the bad guys are definitely winning. The poor monk (Ian Holm – great as ever) and his little assistant with the yamaka on his head are terrified, but keep buggering on. Ruby Rhod starts out brash but he, too, soon becomes terrified. Everything depends on Korben and orange-haired and outfitted Leeloo to fix everything. But, as a point of fact, all their machinations would have been for naught had it not been for yamaka boy blowing on the element for wind. That one tiny little sigh saved the world. And so it will be with all this – one tiny little whistleblower may be the thing that finally ends the reign of terror aka the Trump Administration. I wonder if this whistler wears a yamaka too?

And how long will it be – and how many more disasters will he be able to create – before the Republican Senate wakes up and sees that this is really a golden opportunity? Answer: we’ve still got at least another 30% of this bad movie to go before it’s over. So fasten your seatbelts; we’re in for a blustery ride.

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