386 & 385

Blast! Lost another day somewhere along the line..you’d think I’d still be able to count at my age, but alas, apparently not.

I have reconnected with another old friend from the past – her name is Susan Z, and we were friends in 7th grade. My neighborhood got rezoned to another junior high for 8th grade and we lost touch. Sue, as she is now called, was a wonderful friend and a genuinely good person. I think she has kept those attributes into adulthood, which is nice to see, but I have to recount a story from that era that I vividly recall.

My family was supposed to move to Ocala where Dad was running my deceased maternal grandfather’s beer distributing business. Sue threw a going away, surprise party for me – only one of two surprise parties I ever had in my ife. Sadly, my mother forgot about it, and my sister and I went off on a trip with my paternal grandfather. So there was a party – but no me. I was horrified to find out about it when we returned.

Well, Sue, if you’re reading this, that was the story..but we never moved to Ocala. My father ran the beer business into insolvency with his grandiose plans that were a trifle shady. My mother found out he was having an affair with his secretary (tacky, eh?) and they got a divorce. Our subsequent life was one of cover-up and deception, as we were dead broke. Dear old dad failed to provide much if any form of support and mom found more solace in vodka and dating married men than in finding a job. But I was fortunate to find that my brother’s best friend liked me. We got married, put each other through school and both became civil engineers. We had good careers and provided a decent, stable life for our three children. After fifty one years, we’re still together and happy.

But I never forgot about that party that didn’t include me. Thank you,Sue, for being a good friend and hopefully not getting mad about my not being there.

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  1. So funny to learn what happened on that party night that you missed! Let’s make up for it soon! I’ll be in FL before the year is out and we owe ourselves an outing!

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