373 & 372

Another writing day missed – they seem to go by so quickly! Al Baghdadi is dead, along with his number two, and number three is promoted to number one. Much ado about nothing? Maybe..but good for politics? Likely..we are so shallow!

But now I’m moving on with trying to finish the piece about Clemmie. That way, I can go back to writing book 4 of the Suffer the Children series. I want it done and out by Thanksgiving, so that work must begin soon. The week of Thanksgiving is generally taken up with shopping and pre-making the groaning board meal.

So that leaves a little less than 4 weeks to finish book 4. Fortunately, the outline for it is very detailed, so it should be relatively easy. But then again, I say that every time and every time it’s a challenge!

So I spoke with the therapist who is walking her own Emmaeus Road with a sick husband. We’ll have to work around her schedule, but she seems interested in what I have to say, and open to the craziness of my emotional dilemma with my writing. So maybe by Saturday she and I can talk. I hope so. I want to finish the piece without falling apart myself. Likelihood? Dunno. We shall see. Otherwise, …

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