366 & 365

A year and a day left to go, and things are getting tougher for El Presidente. But that’s all anyone talks about, so let’s talk about something else, shall we? Yes, we shall.

We could talk about New England losing to those bad fellas called the Baltimore Ravens, but I really didn’t watch the game enough to comment intelligently. Alternatively, we could talk about the Season 2 of Jack Ryan, but I am not liking it enough to bother. So formulaic; no telling how much it cost to blow all that stuff up, but explosions do not a movie make. Noomi Rapace is in it (isn’t she in nearly every movie where stuff blows up?) but they give her very little to do but be a sex interest and lie repeatedly. So nah..let’s not talk about that.

I know – I think I’d like to talk about making videos using Windows Moviemaker Pro. I need to sneak that project in amongst all the others I have, either just finishing or in production. I haven’t made any videos since Erik the Younger returned from his second war gig in Iraq. But it’s time and I have material. I’ve just never used Moviemaker Pro. Any knowledgeable people out there that want to help – let me know.

Finally, I think I would like to say I’m glad the Durrells in Corfu is over, and I thought the ending was well done. That’s all..just that.

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