So the election in Kentucky last night likely got rid of Matt Bevin. It wasn’t just that he was a bad Republican; he was also a jerk of a guy. Good riddance..hope the new guy does a better job for those folks in that state. I’m sure we’ll be stuck with McConnell for another six years; maybe he won’t live out his term and we’ll get another bite at the apple. He does look rather old, and he’s been there since the earth started cooling.

Despite the fact that Bevin was the least – or next to the least – popular governor in the country, he still only lost by about six thousand votes. Gee, people! What does it take for you to vote for the other guy? This one’s got a really creepy smile.

None of this means anything for the 2020 election, despite pundits claiming it means this or that or the other. It means they voted out a guy who was a jerk and voted in the son of a former popular governor of the state. That’s it. There are no trend lines here..

Started work yesterday on book 4, and it’s taking a little adjusting to get back into the groove. My characters apparently staged a walkout when I switched to writing the Clemmie story. Can’t say I blame them: who wants to stand around waiting for somebody else’s story to get told? So I’ll have to figure out how to lure them back to talk to me. Any ideas? I’m using lines from the Koran for Chapter headings, and I’m finding it interesting reading.

It’s like a mashup of Corinthians and Poor Richard’s Almanac. Lots of helpful advice, but so far, not a word about holy war or fatwah or kill American soldiers. Guess there must be a jihadi version – maybe from the dark web? Hijacking the Koran for fun and profit. Gives all Muslims a bad name, which isn’t at all right. Can’t we all just get along? Thanks, Rodney, RIP.

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