So has anything really exciting or interesting occurred in the past twenty four hours? I don’t think so. We are moving toward the inexorable end of the impeachment investigation, which everyone knows will end up with the GOP finding the malfeasance does not rise to the level of impeachment. In two days less than a year, we will have another close election that cannot be predicted at this time. So we need a different strategy for living.

Here’s what I was thinking…If we pretty much know how things will turn out with the impeachment drama, but we do not know how the election will turn out, as there are way too many variables at play in this reality show, how about if we just create a new, different and more appealing reality show? It’s supposedly all fake news anyway, depending on which side of the mirror you’re on. So let’s create a new country, a new system, new players – everything new. That way, we pretty much know how it might turn out, and we can make it the way we like. Cool, huh?

I think what I’ve just described is being in a state of schizophrenia. There is some advantage in being crazy.

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