Another day, another tweet, another school shooting – this time by a fifteen year old who’s barely hanging on to life. That isn’t the reality show I had in mind a few blog posts back.

Can we say, just move on when everything is so out of control? I think we have to. Otherwise, we drown in the miasma of current news. Better to practice art or make music or write a sonnet. Actually, I’m not sure how to write a sonnet, so I’d better stick with apocalyptic fiction.

Speaking of apocalyptic fiction, Book 4 of the Suffer the Children series is nearly done. I’ve incorporated some of the Hopi ethos that I intend to return to in the sequel. Yes, dear readers, there will be a sequel, I promise. But it’s likely I won’t start to write it until after the first of the year. Everyone deserves a break at Christmas, right?

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. I bought the bone-in leg of lamb from Joseph’s..hope it’s good. John ordered a new grill that is both propane and charcoal. I think I’d like to cook the lamb over charcoal – might take away some of that Aussie mutton tinge. American lamb costs 4 times as much so charcoal is the plan. I’ll start working on the odds & ends (pickles and pickled mushrooms) this weekend. Michael has changed his mind about coming, so that’ll add cheesecake to the menu. It’s his favorite.

That’s all for now..keep the faith and do something fun this weekend.

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