353 & 352

SNL did exactly what I’d have done if I was one of their writers – turned the impeachment “inquiry” into a soap opera – As the Impeachment Turns which equals as the stomach turns. It was pretty well done; I always enjoy Kate McKinnon’s send up of Rudy. It’s precious.

So this will likely drag on into January, which is when the real process begins..that will take another four or five months, and by then, we’ll all be begging for it to end. Why? It’s not that the hearing is replacing anything else worth watching. So do we really care if it goes on or ends? Actually, we do. As SNL pointed out – the only thing at stake is democracy. But many of us think democracy went out the window after 9/11, with waterboarding, stop loss redeployments, black sites in Poland and that wonderful place called Guantanamo. That’s not how democracy works, at least not American democracy. Remember when we were the good guys? No..me either.

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