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Next time I embark on a writing project, I’m gonna set more reasonable deadlines. I have until Christmas to finish book 5, which may end up being the longest, most detailed episode yet. And what with holiday activities, I’ll have to have loads of self-discipline to get it done. Having said that, I am motivated to finish so I can move on to something new! Or maybe finish a couple I started and set aside. We shall see.

Moving on to the topic du jour: finished watching The Crown, Season 3 last night. Olivia Coleman was, as always, a delight to watch, as was Tobias Menzies as Phillip and Josh O’Connor as poor, sappy Charles. Ann was a livelier character than I imagined, having been carnally involved with the guy Camilla ended up marrying – and then divorcing for poor, sappy Charles. Of course, I still cannot get past Josh O’Connor as Larry Durrell, but that may pass with time.

Cecil King, Editor, the Daily Mirror

But here’s the point of this piece: in the episode titled “Coup”, Cecil King, the editor of a powerful media company and board member of the Bank of England, hatches this idea which amounts to a coup d’etat against Harold Wilson. He and some of the others try to drag Dickie Mountbatten into the scheme, and according to the story, he went along with it and was dispatched to ask Elizabeth to support it. But Wilson heard about their shenanigans in the meantime, and alerted the Queen, who seemed to think Harold was good company. Also, she knew he always had her back. So when Dickie finally got to her, he didn’t even get the chance to ask, which likely saved his reputation, from an historical perspective. Cecil King lost his job over the whole thing.

Which brings me to the real point – there are analogies to our current times with DtheT/crazier. I think impeachment may feel good, but it’s the wrong thing to do. Have your hearings, you Dems; then the Rep’s will say what he did does not rise to the level of impeachment, and then let’s get on with life until November, 2020. Then, if he gets turned out, all well and good. If he’s re-elected, in spite of all the garbage being revealed at these ‘inquiries’, then God help us. My plot may come to pass sooner than expected.

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