The number 348 seems so tidy – so divisible and well behaved. Nothing prime about it. And it was a calm day, starting to tidy up the house and shopping for nearly all the Thanksgiving provisions. My brother John was kind enough to pass on a gift card to help defray expenses. Given that we’re expecting a lucky 13 number of guests, we’ll need to put forth a heap o’ food!

The Land Down Under

Ok, enough about that – tomorrow I’ll tidy some more and keep thinking about the task of writing the fifth and final installment of STC. I got a notice from Amazon that I have a royalty payment coming again from…wait for it…Australia! That just curls my toes with happiness – for two reasons. One – it’s Australia! And two, if there’s another royalty payment, that means they’ve kept reading. Like catnip to a cat.

So no, I don’t want to talk about Sondland or the impeachment, other than to say the lack of civility in the proceedings is a deadly signal. It’s 1856 again…just waiting for the signal for somebody (Texas? California?) to say enough is enough – we’re leaving the union. When that happens, the rest may let whoever wants to go do so without putting up a fight. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head – are we so sick of one another that we would welcome dissoution, which begins the end for the concept of these United States? We’ll be the disunited countries, formerly known as America. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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