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May I recommend a book? The Condition of Man, by Lewis Mumford. Published in 1944, with a new preface in 1972, he has become a source of knowledge and inspiration to me.

Mumford referred to himself as a social diagnostician. That conjures up images of doctors and machinery. But he is the diametric opposite of that. He takes us back ten steps to see history, politics and culture from a deeper and broader perspective.

But don’t take my advice if you work full time and come home to have domestic chores. It’ll just be annoying that you can’t find the time to savor the book’s complex wisdom. Don’t read it if you want easy answers to life’s hard questions. This is no I’m OK, You’re OK. Finally, don’t read this if you’re a cock-eyed optimist. You’d likely be offended by his perspective on this modern life.

So check it out – then, when you’ve absorbed all the wisdom Mumford has to offer in these books, check out The Myth of the Machine, Volumes I and II. That’s his recommendation – not mine. I haven’t even begun to absorb all the wisdom from TCOM. All I know is, when I write about the dissolution of America, coming up in Book 5 of the Suffer the Children series, the origins of the knowledge were greatly influenced by Mumford in this book. So…take the plunge and find it, probably used on Amazon in paperback for a couple bucks. It’ll be an eye-opener.

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