It’s New Year’s Eve, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll stay up late enough to see the ball drop. Being on the verge of 7 decades old, it doesn’t hold the cachet it once did – and besides, sleep is a precious commodity that often eludes me. I’ll take it where I can find it!

The attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad was inevitable. Remember: we killed about 25 of the guys we fought alongside against ISIS. Everybody knew they were Iran-backed militia, but we had a common goal back then. In other words, we were willing to be in the middle of a religious conflict between Shia and Sunni. ISIS was Sunni, so the Shia were our friends. The ‘new’ enemy is Shia Iran, so the militia is now our enemy. Remind you of anything? George Orwell (whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair) certainly had it right in 1984. Of course, he was talking about Stalinist Russia – not us. Funny how we became the problem we strove to eliminate.

Pea Brains

My friend Pat’s daughter works at the Embassy as a paramedic. She let her mom know she was okay, but for how long will that be true? The militia are now camped out next to the embassy and their goal is for all the Americans to leave. I’m confident they’ll soon be distracted, but what if they aren’t? No good can come of the present administrations policies – if you want to call them that – regarding the Middle East. More like whims. Peas rolling from one side of the head to another…you know – Impotusism!

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