Happy New Year! 2020 promises to be interesting and eventful. More important: I’ll find new and creative colors for the intro to each of my blog posts! Now that’s a really good goal, eh? How ’bout this pink? Yep..cool.

Everyone has been looking back the past week or so, it being the end of the second decade. I’m going to look forward and make some pretty wild predictions, both personal, national and global. Here goes..then we’ll see how I did at the end of the year!

Impotus Crazius

Global: The problems with Iraq caused by Iran aren’t going away. They will continue to dog Trump, as his reactions are generally the opposite of what a sane president would do. The Iranians have his number now, and they’ll play him like a fiddle. Same with North Korea, but different. He and the Young’Un are too much alike, so it will be a battle of who can be the bigger brat. That will have seriously negative implications for both of them. A massive coup attempt against Kim will be revealed with mass executions, but he’ll still be weakened. Lack of rice in the cities and woman-led demonstrations will begin the uprising that will ultimately destroy the dynasty, with accompanying chaos. This will likely affect China, further emboldening Hong Kong. Japan will also be affected by the proximity to all this unrest. The far east will become very unstable, making the Middle East less newsworthy.

My Hero Nancy P

National: Trump will be weakened by revelations from Rudy G’s Russia/Ukraine connections, who will blow the whistle on Rudy, who will blow the whistle on Trump, all of which will make his Ukraine shenanigans look like child’s play. After the deadline for entering the primaries, many Republicans will begin to speak out about Trump. He will try to rein them in and fail. The clamor will grow, leading to dissent and chaos within the Republican party. This will embolden the Democrats to hang together and form powerful slates for election. They will increase their lead in the House and take over the Senate. The hero at the end of the year will be Nancy Pelosi, who will be stronger than the new Democratic president, Bernie Sanders. The Democrats will edge out the much weakened Senate Republicans and there will be expectations of finally getting something done. That will remain to be seen – in 2021 predictions.

My Android

Personal: I will continue with my exercise program, growing stronger and much more fit. This will be a healthy year for me, both physically and emotionally since I will continue seeing a therapist. Kirsten will get that job in Wakulla and she will love it. Her pay and benefits will allow her to regain health and confidence. She and I will continue to collaborate on upgrading the Tallahassee house, which will become even more inviting and have excellent ‘chi. Robin, Colter and the girls will move out in the summer and live right down the way from Aunt Jopie. They will love their new home and enjoy the benefits of the intracoastal for kayaking. I will continue with my creative arts, making videos, finishing The Algorithmic Brain, and working on the sequel to the Suffer the Children Series. My sister Sharyn and I will have adventures together and with Aunt Jopie. This will be my mother’s last year on this earth. She will have an easy and painless death.

Room Idea for Abby: love the built-in bookshelves!

Miscellany: The stock market will begin its slow slide back down to reasonable levels. Nephew Michael will begin his investment program, after having read the Ben Graham book, The Intelligent Investor. Michael will continue to thrive in his career, finding time to travel for both work and play. Colter’s career will also thrive, when Pratt & Whitney picks him up to work on a new program. He will get a healthy pay raise and enjoy his new assignment. Robin will get a job close by in a new field and be happy. Emily will finish tenth grade and get her learner’s permit. Kiernan will repeat the first grade and become a stellar reader, as well as being a math genius. Abby will continue to thrive and will be the designer of her new bedroom that will have new flooring, new furniture and beautiful artwork on the walls.

2020 will be a good year for all – except Trump and the Young’Un. Karma, baby.

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