So Iran admits they shot down the Ukrainian airliner by accident. Everybody already knew that was so, based on the pieces of wreckage on the ground. Just another step in the dissolution of that country that should have dissolved long ago.

Speaking with my therapist yesterday, she recommended I spend less time worrying about the end of the world and more time focusing on my creative endeavours. I think that’s excellent advice. If there were something I could do to change things, then it would make sense to obsess about these events. But other than voting, I can’t change them. So, as that beer commercial used to say, ‘Let it go, Louie”. I’m going to work on letting all that go. That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore it; it just means I’ll stop assuming the world is going to stop turning in my lifetime. It won’t.

So I will continue to work on my trumpet project, which is beginning to coalesce, with help from Martha K Backer and her cousin Bob Dauber, who is a wonderful resource on the topic. He gave me his trumpet-playing daughter Jami’s phone number, so I’ll try to get in contact with her and talk about more specifics. The quest is to find a dozen or so of the best trumpet pieces since 1944, and use those as background music for a video that explores the science, aesthetics and history of the instrument. I was watching Ken Burns documentary called Jazz, which talked about Louis Armstrong, one of the early pioneers of jazz trumpeting. I quickly realized the text for that documentary came straight out of the book I’m reading, Hotter Than That, about Louis. So I must be on the right track, if Ken and I are reading and using the same material. Woo hoo, as Michael often writes in his texts!

Finally, a word about The New York Times crossword puzzles. Each day they get harder; I know that, and I’m used to that. But in the last few days, the puzzles have gotten exponentially harder. Somebody must have told Will Shortz to step up his game, ’cause Thursday and Friday’s were both killers, with weird answers. I’m hesitant to do today’s, because Saturday puzzles are always the worst. Why start my day off with a killer puzzle? I’ll wait – or..gasp..I might skip it altogether! What is happening here? Ch.ch.ch.changes, as David Bowie used to sing. May he RIP.

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