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Forty two more weeks until election day, and the likelihood is he’ll be re-elected by a slim margin. Oy ve.

Bob Dauber, my trumpet mentor

The trumpet project is coming along..slowly. Bob Dauber introduced me to a trumpeter named Clifford Brown. Listening to his playing, I’ve become convinced that, had he lived, he would have been the natural successor to Louis Armstrong. But he died in a car crash on a snowy night, on his way back to Chicago. He’d stopped in Elkhart, Indiana, home of the Conn trumpet factory, to see about a new horn. I asked Bob if it was fate or karma? He said it was HP. Hewlett Packard? Nah – higher power, calling Clifford home to play with the angels. Guess they were jealous of his technique, and wanted to see how he did it.

Clemmie and his horn
Bix Beiderbecke

So the next step is to decide which of Clifford’s songs was the best, and one that Clemmie might have liked. Looking at pictures of Clemmie, and then of Bix Biederbecke and Bunny Berigan (double b’s who both died of the other b – booze), Clemmie’s appearance is very similar to theirs – hair parted down the middle and square jaw. Had he lived, he might have become a great trumpet player. But maybe he’s up in the ether, playing alongside Louis, Clifford, Miles, Bunny and Bix. Wow, wouldn’t that be something?

After I’ve picked out a few songs, I’ll start to put the video together, with appropriate pictures, text and some original stuff if I can convince Kirsten to let that happen. She has an amazing, mellow voice and I want to feature her on the video. We’ll see how that plays out. At least I can introduce her to what I’ve figured out so far. Maybe I’ll spark her interest in music other than punk and guitar sounds.

I’m staying cheerful, as discussed with Elaine. It’s damned hard, but I’m working at it!

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