As expected, Lev Parnas was a talking jaybird last night, appearing ‘exclusively’ with Rachel Maddow but then pictured talking with Anderson Cooper..guess it wasn’t so exclusive, eh?

The Trump antics are beginning to bear a distinct resemblance to Watergate; the Chief Executive surrounding himself with crooked Attorneys General (Mitchell and Barr), scary guys (G. Gordon Liddy and the alleged drunken Robert Hyde) and fixers ( Howard Hunt and Rudy Giuliani). The irony is it no longer matters whether or not the Republicans do the right thing and impeach Trump. His actions have given a free pass to his prime opponent, Joe Biden. Huh? Let me say this about that.

If baby Hunter’s Burisma role had come up ‘organically’ – i.e., from a media exposé or a leak from a government source – it would have made news and tarnished Biden’s campaign. But since Trump tried to pull off this fast one with idiots like Lev and Rudy, Biden is now immune from scandal. Jimmy Breslin coined the term ‘the gang that couldn’t shoot straight’, referring to the latter years of the New York mafia. Well, that same gang is alive and well and working for the President of the United States. It lends credibility to all the elements of the Mueller report about how Trump got the job in the first place. How tawdry. How Putinesque.

This mess will drag on, taking a bigger and bigger toll on the Republicans until November, at which time they may well get their comeuppance. The thing is, in the meantime, Trump’s new effort at wag the dog may have serious implications for all our safety. I’ve always predicted he would go mad before the end of his first term. How mad can he go? I fear we will find out. Political assassinations – of Americans? If I were Lev, I’d worry. If I were Joe Biden, I’d worry. I wouldn’t put anything past this man who desperately needs to be a winner – and that includes a second term as president. Let’s hope the voters get this in November, and send him packing…assuming he’ll leave. Which may or may not happen. Sheesh.

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