291 – 283

Wow – 9 days since my last post – a trip to Tallahassee and baking scones interrupted the flow. But I’m back. Yippee!

Work is progressing nicely on the house in Tallahassee. But it seems like as fast as we upgrade certain things (like rugs and dogs), more things are in need of tending. A flooring guy is coming next Tuesday to look at the kitchen floor. The current ‘shinyl vinyl’ is peeling up, and as I expect it was original to the house, it’s overdue for replacement. I’m going with black and white squares, in keeping with the age and vibe of the kitchen. Then we’ll put up a brick backsplash on two walls.

Other than that, I’ve decided in a dialogue between Clemmie and me for the trumpet work. I’m not sure about the medium, tho’..a video may not be quite right. But what’s the alternative? Still gotta work on that.

Meeting with the gals in Vero today – always look forward to that..will give more details upon my return. Otherwise, all is well. Later

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