How about this for a deal? Pick up the Clemmie story where I left off – back in the little house in south Miami that represents heaven. Instead of a passive observer, I am an participant this time. In the back room, I am an adult. In the front room, I am seven again, witness to and participant in my parents’ mutual destruction, with collateral damage.

In the back room, we’ll pick up with Clemmie where we left off, but he’ll reiterate to me that he is quite happy now, and only wishes to know what happened beyond where he left off in April of 1944. In particular, he wants to know where trumpet music went after 1944.

He will instruct me about the music from his childhood in the mid to late ’30’s to 1944. Then I’ll pick up from ’44 onward. We’ll have guest soloists in that back room, from Bolden to Armstrong to Bix and Bunny for his part. Then my list of trumpeters including Dizzy, Miles, Clifford Brown, Wynton, Chuck and anybody else that wanders in along the way.

Along with the story, I’ll make a soundtrack CD to accompany the story.

But the goings-on in the front room will be the emotional/healing part of the story. It was Elaine’s suggestion that I write about my childhood trauma. But this way, I can combine everything into one story. I think this will be a good thing. Gonna start tomorrow.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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