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Forty weeks to go ’til the election. Wouldn’t it be ironic if impeachment actually made Trump stronger? It’s not without historic precedent. The Nazis consistently lost Reichstag elections, driving Hitler to declare himself both Chancellor and President after Hindenburg’s death. Then he neutered the Reichstag and became the Fuehrer. Maybe that’ll be Trump’s new title. President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader – all in one. I wouldn’t put it past him to try.

He is German, after all.

This day I shall work up my outline for Installment 2 of the Clemmmie story, written for me this time. I’ve pretty much detailed the plot in previous posts, but it needs an outline for me to stay on track with the story. I want to finish it as quickly as possible so I can work on the sequel to Suffer the Children. We can’t just leave the US broken up into six pieces, can we? I think not..

Life imitating art – happens all the time, right? There’s a couple of doomsday preppers that likely got rid of the woman’s children on their way to being together and preparing for the apocalypse. It’ll be interesting to see how their story tracks with mine. Obsession leads to disaster, as a general rule.

What to call my sequel to STC? I’ve exhausted the biblical references, so I’ll need to go in a different direction. Some other document? Song titles? How about quotes from T.S. Eliot? Lots of possibilities. The cool thing is, when I decide on a direction, reading from the thing to get quotes is always very enlightening – like all my Moby Dick quotes in the third episode of the Matryoshka series. Some day I’d like to go to New Bedford in January for the annual reading of MD. Have to find someone like minded to go with me.

I thought about stopping writing. If writing represents my need to prove myself over and over again, can I ever achieve my goals? I doubt it. But what’s the alternative? To not write is to not think – to become a Happy Carrot, as Elaine calls them. That sounds like the road to dementia to me. So I’ll think of writing as a healthy exercise in maintaining my sound mind. That should open up new avenues to exploration, since there’s no therapy involved.

That’s all for now – hasta luego.

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