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It’s nearly ten am the day after the Iowa caucuses. And who won? Who came in second? Third? Campaigned in Iowa? Does the state of Iowa really exist? All good questions. The answer? Nobody seems to know.

Henny Penny illustration from 1916

Remind you of a fairy tale? How about Chicken Little? An acorn falls on his head and he runs around telling people the sky is falling. Today’s equivalent: the Democrats are unprepared to tally the results in a new way, and CNN declares this to be the end of civilization. Oh good grief!

This is not the end of civilization – this is a hiccup on the way to the end of civilization: the acquittal of Donald John Trump in the impeachment proceeding.

While I thought he should be acquitted, the process itself undermined confidence in the federal officeholders. On both sides of the aisle. The Democrats were accused of and looked totally partisan. The Republicans pretended Trump did nothing wrong and each will save his or her own skin by voting to acquit.

Would we have been better off if the event had never happened? Hard to say – can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube after it’s been squeezed out, something I learned in Sunday School at Plymouth Congregational Church at age 10. But the Democrats must have known the Senate would never go along with impeachment. So what was the point? They really can’t remember.

1943 Disney Propaganda Short Chicken Little

Walt Disney made a short film in 1943 on the topic of Chicken Little (yes, back to that). The fox used a psychology book to fool the fowl into running into his lair. Originally, the book was titled “Mein Kampf”, and the key elements the fox used were “If you’re going to tell a lie, make it a big one”, “undermine confidence in leadership” and “If you want to create chaos, influence the most dimwitted first.” Pure DJT the Fuehrer. He learned his lessons well from reading the man’s speeches and being tutored by Roy Cohn.

So what happens next? The Dems go on to New Hampshire, where hopefully the results of that primary will be available within a week or so after. Trump will boast of all his greatness at the State of the Union address tonight, and tomorrow he will be acquitted of all impeachment charges. We will, collectively, have created a monster.

But if there’s a lesson to be learned through current events, one only need to turn to China. The latest coronavirus is showing all the deficiencies of the Communist government, which was already weakened by the unresolved protests emanating from Hong Kong. Hong Kong has turned into a mini war zone, which may well spread to the mainland. The party is beginning to lose control.

Their actions to prevent the spread of the virus will have a significant impact on their economy – and then, to a lesser degree, the world’s economy. Censorship has not prevented information from getting out about how badly the government is handling this so-called crisis, with a 2% or less casualty rate. Media reports keep driving more fear into the populace. Gosh – back to Chicken Little. Maybe, at least for the Party, the sky really is falling.

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