Just a quick reminder about the title captions for my blog pieces: there are 271 days left until the November 2020 election for the soul of the country. It’s no big deal: it’s just about everything that every American should hold sacred.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah The Golden Haggadah, c. 1320

I have a new old friend joining the blog fray – my sweetheart, Bill Tanner, resident of Gomorrah Washington, D.C. Bill and I go way back to the library at UF where we both worked, he as a regular and me as a student. He bailed me out when my car got towed away because of a license plate issue (let’s not go into that right now, eh?) Anyway, he is a lifelong friend, even if we hadn’t talked in over 40 years. We’re talkin’ now!

But I also have another new name for y’all: get ready..ta da! Rachel Bitecofer. Who? Wha? Check out the article about her today at Politico, then follow her on Twitter and get a copy of her model results for the 2020 election. This is important, people! She is another iconoclast – like the rest of us – and attention should be paid to her prognostications. I cannot stress this enough, because as activists we need to remind the Dems that they have to do a better job this time of defeating the anti-Christ.

Dr. Rachel Bitecofer’s Electoral Map for 2020 Presidential Election

Her model predicts a 2020 electoral college victory for whoever the Democratic candidate is 279 to 197. She predicts the Dems will take back the key states that went to Trumpet in ’16, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I think she’s absolutely right about that. She also says Florida votes Republican by a smidge because the old have coalesced with young, non-college educated white guys to vote what they perceive to be conservative (with a little ‘c’), but really they’re voting against their own self interests. We shall see what happens when Trumpet starts looking to cap Social Security and Medicare. That’ll get the Q-tips attention here in the Sunshine State! If Bernie’s the alternative, they’ll switch sides – and quickly. So my prognostication that Bernie will be the next president may not be far off.

Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks – coffee made him a very wealthy man

She has one caveat – that no powerful third party candidate jump into the fray. She’s not talking about Bloomberg – he’s running as a Democrat. She mentioned Howard Schultz’s name, as a possibility. That would change everything – so Howard, beat it! Go away, baby. No third party candidates that will suck votes away from Grampa and give it to spawn of the Devil T-rump.

That’s it for now – I’m kinda encouraged by Dr. Bitecofer’s work. How about you?

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