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The New Hampshire primary is today and the expectation is that Bernie will win those delegates. In the overall scheme of things, it accounts for little, but the trend is of concern. Can Bernie beat Trump? Most Dems say no; I say he can and likely will.

Millennial hipsters

We are at a transition point where us Boomers are fading, and Millenials are in the ascendency. Sadly, we completely skipped Gen-X’ers, because there aren’t enough of them. Birth control and the VietNam war made us barren and frightened for the future. Low birth rate was the result. Sorry, my son, but you’re too late in asking. Mr. Peabody’s coal train has hauled it (the election) away.

Enough of John Prine music. Let’s talk about something new and interesting. Coronavirus. Geez! Talk about hysteria, histrionics and bad information. My friend won’t eat at her favorite Chinese restaurant, for fear workers just got off the boat from Wuhan and are dishing up her egg fried rice. Wow. The odds of dying from coronavirus are less than 2%. That number is based on deaths in China, the epicenter of this outbreak. The odds of dying from ordinary flu are 0.1%. So in one sense, you could say that your potential for death from coronavirus is 20 times your chance of dying from the flu. But here’s the thing. There are currently 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US spread across 6 states. Most of those originated with someone who came here from China. There are between 22 and 31 million cases of flu this season in the US. Which statistic sounds scarier?

In spite of those facts, it doesn’t stop so-called experts from going on television to scare the bejesus out of us, using words like “pandemic” and telling people to “be careful”. Be careful of what? Wash your hands. Duh. You should be doing that anyway. Wipe the handle of the cart at the grocery store with the wipes they provide. So grocery store handles are a hotbed of germs – not door handles or kitchen faucets? Get a flu shot. Now that one makes sense, but has no effect on coronavirus.

What’s the answer? Stop paying attention to fear mongering about coronavirus. Pay attention to fear mongering about climate change. I’ve changed some of my habits. I avoid the plastic bags that come from Publix, in favor of reuseable cloth bags I carry with me. Does that impact climate change? I suppose – in a very indirect way. But it’s a start. Of course we still drive a gasoline powered, large SUV which is pouring tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So I’m waiting for the proper electric car to come out, OK? Geez, get off my back. I didn’t start the revolution – industrial, that is. Blame the British!

So what’s the answer? Live your life and let go of things over which you have little or no control. Simple..effective..and better. ‘Nuf said on that.

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