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Dragon Lady Hillary

Yes, Bu bu bu Bernie won by a smidge over Mayor Pete..no surprise there..but the Dems are goin’ nuts, trying to ward off the guy who shouda woulda won in 2016 if the DNC – Wasserman Schultz hadn’t tilted the board in favor of the dragon lady. My motto is Trust the Process..they didn’t, he didn’t get the nod, the evilest of evil did and look where we are now. Trust the process…the voters know best. How many times do I have to say it?

Leon Czolgosz, Anarchist Assassin

I would be happy with Bernie for Pres and Mayor Pete for Vice, because Bernie won’t survive a first term and Mayor Pete will take over..and then what will happen? Maybe things will get better..but can they get worse? Likely not. So it brings to mind the story about how the corrupt machine in New York decided to get rid of that muckraker extraordinaire Teddy Roosevelt by getting him the VP slot on the ticket with William McKinley. So, as fate would have it, McKinley gets shot and killed by an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz., pronounced Joelgiss. Actually, he was shot and given medical maltreatment when the wrong assumption was made about the location of bullet #2. Seems like a recurring theme with presidential assassinations, but I digress very badly.

Here’s the thing: Teddy became president and the New York machine got decimated because of his nation-wide muckraking and personality. In other words, the law of unintended consequences was at play. It may be at play here as well. If young folk want Bernie and old folk want Mayor Pete, a combined slate with an early Bernie demise keeps everyone happy, right? I’ll vote for it.

But then there’s the unknown, Mayor Mike B. Popular assumption is he won’t play well with the African American vote because of his stop & frisk policies, with him on tape saying young black men commit crimes. Well, I say phooey to that. No matter how much money he has; no matter how many ads he runs, he won’t do better than 4th or 5th place. He won’t resonate with anybody. Then, when that becomes reality, he’ll pour money into the Bernie/Pete coalition. The media will be all over the Trump/Russia/China/rest of the evildoers’ tricks, which will be revealed as they occur.

So why won’t Bloomberg become the candidate? Not because the Republicans are afraid of him. It’s because there’s just something about his looks that makes people uneasy. He has skinny eyes, and a bunch of dough. Oh, yeah! He stirs up that primal fear of the Jew – that primal fear that goes back centuries in Europe, Asia and yes, even in America. Is he aware of that? I doubt it – he’s lived in a happy bubble for many years and thinks he’s exempt. But in the end, his money will help overthrow El Cuco (a nod to The Outsider, on HBO).

The Porcine Predictions

And then what? Will America be sufficiently sick of the sickness that currently prevails? Will those Righties left, who will likely lose the Senate majority if BernieButi wins, get the memo? Or will the movement go underground and simmer until Buti becomes the Prez – then go after him for being gay and inexperienced? Too soon to tell. But in the meantime, stay calm, be happy, and love your friends and family. Bu Da bu da bu da..that’s all, folks!

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