I woke up at 4:41 this morning with an urgent need to write something down here. The lyrics to Girl of the North Country were loudly going through my head (can something do that? Not sure, but that’s how it felt). I think it’s a reflection of the fact that I so wanted to see that Broadway performance, and hear Mare Winningham sing Like a Rolling Stone, which is allegedly a great version. Anyone who has been a faithful reader of this blog know I’m a huge admirer of Bob Dylan’s work. The idea of a play set in his home town of Hibbing, Minnesota during the Depression featuring his songs is one that I find most attractive.

Broadway’s Shut down because of Cvirus

But now Broadway is dark because of the Cvirus (I’m tired of typing the whole thing out, so that’s what it’ll be from now on). In fact, everything is dark because of the Cvirus, and cabin fever is already setting in around here. I’m not whining..well, yeah, I guess I am, but here’s the thing: we’re nowhere close to a peak. There’s not enough tests, so we have no idea where it’s spread to, so we have to act as though it’s everywhere. Congress is hamstrung by loonies like Louie Gomert who tried to put the kibosh on that little piece of nothing legislation Miss Nancy put out until the Reps grabbed him by his fat scruff of the neck and shook him good.

Even if it passes, the bureaucracy to get the money for businesses won’t help in time. Reality is hitting in such a huge way, that it begs the question: what will be left after all this is over?

The guy on the right tested + for Cvirus

So will the government’s ham handedness in managing this crisis be sufficient to keep Impotus infectus from another term? It simply must. To think otherwise is to lose all hope for the future of us, individually and collectively.

The Dow futures are up a little bit at the moment, but with headlines like Top forecaster who exited stocks weeks ago predicts ‘rolling bear markets’ until 2022 out there, it’s hard to feel encouraged about anything related to the global economy. The Cvirus will likely return, according to the details of this piece, and keep gouging the world economy until we finally say ‘enough’ and figure out how to fight it. By then the damage will be done, and the next step – inevitably, tho’ this guy didn’t say it – is likely to be a world war.

Some Vision

Why do I predict that? Because there’s so much fear and loathing already in the system, that a significant downturn leads to even more nationalism than we’re experiencing right now. Politicians like Marine LePen in France will be elected after promising to fix everything. Even if our moron is turned out in 2020, somebody even more moronic – like Rand Paul – will get himself elected after Jobe turns out to be ineffectual.

One Bite at a Time

That puts us on track for my plot to unfold from the book. People, I don’t want this to happen, it’s just happening. Too late to take it back, but maybe redemption needs to be written – and soon. I wish I could find the uninterrupted time to develop that outline. Too many distractions with the kids always here. I know – best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So I will take that first bite today..I promise. Now leave me alone.

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