Biden swept the field yesterday – no surprise there – but will Bu bu bu Bernie keep going? I hope so. The last thing Jobe needs to do right now is pick on the President with a capital P no matter who occupies the space. So let him continue to fight with the great socialist .. though with the government sending everybody a check in the next few weeks, who’s the Socialist here?

A Bear Market Extraordinaire

I think we can all acknowledge that, collectively, the world has lost its cotton-pickin’ mind. A guess that must be a byproduct of the Cvirus. People keep dying, we’re going to be isolated for months, school will not finish this year and the stock market, currently down over 800 points in futures trading on the Dow, will drop down into Grizzly Bear territory. There will be nothing left of this economy when this virus runs its course.

So how to cope? Don’t cope. Don’t think. Don’t plan. Just live. Get by on a day by day basis. Try to keep anxiety to a minimum, so you can put all your energy into staying healthy, getting enough rest, trying to eat right and love one another. It’s really quite that simple.

Bengazi Today – This is what America will look like after the Apocalypse

I did start on the outline for the redemption book. Right now where it’s going is a bit hazy to me, but we’ve started with Mathew the Dwarf is dead. It’s set in 2050, so he’d be older than dirt anyway. He fulfilled his mission of letting the grandchildren know what happened to the US after their grandparents left. It’s not a pretty picture, but there is still a little life left. I envision America after the apocalypse to be a little like Libya is now, with warlords controlling certain areas and raiding for territory and food. But wasn’t that the way it was with the early colonies, versus the natives? We survived then; we’ll survive now. Hold onto that motto..at least for the time being.

Only a 24 piece puzzle – she’ll be bored with this after one assembly-damn!

So I’ll keep you up to date on how it’s going. In the meantime, it’s day 5 and so far all are apparently well. Colter and Robin are still going to work, but who knows how long that will continue? I ordered a couple of jigsaw puzzles from Amazon for Kiernan, so she won’t watch that infernal Youtube channel with the Father and Son playing some kind of minecraft game and screaming a lot. It makes me want to scream.

No great revelations today. Stay safe.

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