Six days in and only Erik has a dry cough but no fever. He or I check it daily and so far no indication of fever. I’m not sure what good it would do if we found he had all the symptoms – where can you get a test? I think the goal is to stay healthy long enough for our primary to get access to testing in her office. Neither of us want to sit in a Quest waiting room with a bunch of sick people to see if we’re sick. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Iran in the Time of Cvirus

I find it ironic that the two hotspots in the world for Cvirus right now are Italy and Iran. Guess your country has to start with the letter “I”, so watch out Spain (aka Iberia). The irony lies in the fact that Italy is loose and Iran is allegedly tight. By that, I mean what Tom Friedman borrowed from in describing political systems. Italy has seldom if ever had control over its citizens, who routinely ignore government direction. Iran’s theocracy thinks they control the people, but that is folly and illusion. The new cases of Cvirus attest to that. Social distancing? Self-isolation? No comprehende. So the number of cases – and deaths – continues to grow in both countries.

Especially Cash Denominated in Dollars

The market is still very ill, and the dollar is strengthening. There are many things one could say about that, but in the age of Cvirus, none of them are especially relevant. The strength of the dollar just means investments coming out of other markets and into cash are denominated in dollars instead of yuan, rubles or zlotys. So really, a better way to phrase it is US cash is king. There’s no surprise in that.

When Publix opens, now at 8 am instead of 7, I’m gonna try to refill the larder. We got a take out last night from Duffy’s, and it wasn’t too tasty by the time John got it home. I can do better than that, and I certainly have time to plan and prepare meals. I just need some raw materials to accomplish that end. The Publix out here has been out of meat the last couple of times I went. Maybe if I go early they’ll have some. If not, I’ll try the Chasewood Publix and risk more mingling with sickies to feed the family.

How I Miss You, Exercise Class!

What do I miss the most? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but going to the gym and exercising with the Silver Sneakers gang. After two weeks of being away from it, my body is starting to get creaky. Motion is lotion, ya know. So I’ll try to do some exercising on my own today. There’s a Silver Sneakers class on Facebook at 11:30.

Dudes that Figured Stuff Out about Bringing a Country Together

Thinking about the redemption book and contemplating meditation conversations with the Founding Fathers about how they formed America into the United States. I think I’ll have to have Abe Lincoln in there too, because we didn’t become THE United States until after the Civil War. Maya, my main character, is now in her early 30’s, and getting knowledgeable about American history at the abandoned library in Tucson will start her quest. So this time, it’ll be the Founding Females since she’s never had children. Wasn’t it Warren G. Harding, ostensibly the worst president until Impotus infectus, that coined the phrase Founding Fathers? So Founding Females is at least alliterative. Why not?

Dow Futures are down 357 at this moment. That means ALL gains since January of 2017 have been erased. Now if we could only erase this administration, in favor of one that’s competent and empathetic. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

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