John is now going to be working from home. Robin isn’t yet, but she says she can’t be very productive, because she can’t get hold of anyone at Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Medicare. It seems inevitable she too will be working from home. I think it’s for the best, but with more of us at home, we’ll likely be getting on each others’ nerves. It’s only for another couple of weeks, as they’re moving out on April 4th.

Dr. David Ho, the man instrumental in the development of AZT to treat the AIDS virus

Listening to Dr. David Ho be interviewed by Walter Isaakson was a nice change from the rhetoric, assumptions and bullshit coming from the government. Dr. Ho was instrumental in the creation of AZT to combat AIDs, and was Time’s man of the year back in the 80’s as a result of that work. Now he’s dealing with Cvirus, and pointed out several things worth noting. First: there is no treatment protocol. Doctors are using Remdesivir in the most dire cases, but they have no idea whether it works to curtail the virus, or if the patient just gets better on their own. Second: the lack of testing because the government got caught flat footed is a national shame. Third: there is a quick antibody test, but it hasn’t been approved by the FDA, but clearly needs to be. That way, people can be screened and quarantined if necessary. Likely by the time we get the approval, manufacturers can be producing a million tests a day. That should be the next priority for the currently inept gang in D.C.

The Walking Dead – and you just thought it was a horror show!

Now, about those $1,200 checks: I have no doubt they will go out and people will get them and people will spend them. But for some, it’s a drop in the bucket that will likely not prevent them from suffering. For others, it’s meaningless. But it seems to be consensus thinking that it’s the right thing to do. It’s hilarious that the ones who are hesitant now are the Democrats. If they’d thought it up, it would be right, but since Mitch the Miserable is taking credit for it, well, let’s not be too hasty with this thing. Shame on all of them. May they all get the virus and the pox and shingles, all at the same time. Talk about your Walking Dead!

University of Colorado at Boulder Library

Finally, back to the plot line. As things are soon to be settled in Maya’s life, she has time now to go to the remains of the University of Colorado library in Boulder. It happens to have a superb history section. Maya reads all she can about early American heroes, like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Even Lighthorse Harry Lee, that scoundrel and wastrel, is profiled. She moves on to reading about Honest Abe. As more people begin to talk about trying to find a way to reunify and reconcile the disparate parts of the old United States, Maya uses her powers to meditate and talk with these guys. That will occupy the central portion of the story, where she gathers advice, anecdotes and has debates and discussions with these men. I think this is going to be a real hoot to write this stuff. In the end, the question will be: how to bring the Midwest back into the fold. The other regions have nothing to lose, so they’re in agreement. Only the Midwest is the holdout and is threatening to go to war with the remainder of the areas if they try to recruit them to join. Sound familiar? Exactly. Shades of history repeating itself! Need to read more about the FF’s and Abe as research. Remember: all those books, if not available from the library, are tax deductible!

It’s a Very Easy Thing to Do, so Do It!

That’s all for now – take care, stay safe, and for goodness sake, wash your hands!

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