Ten days in, and all is well..so far. Nobody has come down with anything other than terminal boredom. We’re almost done with the 500 piece puzzle of African animals. I’ll post the pix of it in stages of completion when it’s finished.

Hess Midstream LP

Applying Ben Graham’s criteria to the available stock market offerings, amazingly there is one stock that meets all the criteria. It’s an oil company stock, HESM are the call letters to find it on the exchange. It finished last Friday at $8.86/share, down from a high of about $25.50 in mid February. It went down below $8 today, so it’s definitely worth looking at. It won’t report first calendar year earnings until April 29th, so depending on the price and what happens with the oil markets, it might be time to give it a go. They could theoretically cut the dividend to zilch, which would eliminate it from consideration, but as well funded as it is, I don’t think they’ll do much more than reduce the dividend. Reading Al Monitor about the alleged war between Russia and the Saudis, which Trump graciously said he’d step into, Russia said fuhgetabout it, we know what we’re doing. Apparently, from a financial point of view, they are better prepared for this game of chicken than the Saudis. All those princes to support, except MBS keeps arresting them. Guess you don’t need much money in prison, eh?

Sample graphic that does not fully tell what’s happening

But anyway, here’s my prediction for the virus to bottom out and the stock market to begin to recover, for what it’s worth. Looking at how the virus spread in China is a waste of time, because they lied about it for the first three weeks. That threw the graph completely off, so we must look at Italy and Spain. Based on the slope of the curve when viewed logarithmically, it would appear the virus sort of ‘runs its course’ six weeks or so after it hits. For us, that’s April 22nd. Italy is already seeing more people recover and fewer cases. So there is some hope for all of us for the future.

Congress Dithers While America Burns

But then there’s Congress, who can’t agree on what day of the week this is, much less how to fix the financial situation that has occurred because of the need to shut down so many businesses. Both daughters may have less pay because of this, as nobody seems to know a thing about the first round of legislation that is supposed to make up those lost wages. So we can only hope that somebody figures out how to compromise and makes a deal to help them stay whole. Kirsten is just getting on her feet financially, and Robin & family are moving into their apartment a week from this Saturday. So they need all their money. Will it arrive by then? Probably not. But if maybe by the end of April, they should both be OK.

Nothing is Too Good for the Village People. No, not Those Village People, the ones that vote Republican

I am ready to see this be over with, aren’t you? My good friend Bobbi is livid that the governor will be personally opening a drive through testing site in the very Republican Villages. Why there? Apparently, those folks listened to the Covidiot in Charge and didn’t bother to self-isolate for the past two weeks. Now that he’s changed his tune, they are having a collective heart attack. Can’t have that block of Republican votes upset, now can we? Can you or I get a test, here in Democratic Palm Beach County? Not on your life..no pun intended. So you have to be a professional basketball player, a Republican Senator or a block of Republican voters to get tested. Oh my..there’s be hell to pay for this in the not-too-distant future..in fact, 227 days from now.

That’s it..later.

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