The Dow went up the most it had ever risen since 1933, in anticipation of that big honkin’ payout from the gummint. This morning, Jake Sherman from Politico wrote a piece saying the Republicans were going to delay passage because Trump had dissed it. Apparently, either he changed his mind (Jared must have talked to him) or there was a misunderstanding. Allegedly it’ll be done by tomorrow and signed off on by our Fearless Leader. The question is: will anyone know how to access the money? How long will it take for those checks to go out? Will he hold up the money before it goes out unless we agree to investigate the Bidens? Enquiring minds want to know…

The 500 piece puzzle was done. Here’s how to went down.

Puzzle on a Glass table…totally unassembled

After many hours of back breaking work (low coffee table), here’s the final product:

Finished puzzle – all five hundred pieces

The next one we’ll start on (after my back and butt recover) will have critters of the sea as a theme. What fun! Anything to stay occupied while we wait for this thing to pass.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah The Golden Haggadah, c. 1320

So the epicenter of the Cvirus is now in New York by a factor of about 10. What is it about New York that makes it so? Overcrowding; anti-vaxxers in the Hasidic community; old people; or God’s wrath on Gomorrah? You choose the answer you like. I say it’s maybe all of them except probably the last one. Not sure The Big Apple is any more Gomorrahish than anywhere else in the country. Depends on your denomination, I suppose.

The next time we get a pandemic – say in another hundred years or so – do you think we’ll have learned anything from this experience? Will we be any more prepared then than we are now? We’d always assumed that so-called modern medicine would rule out any more pandemics, because we understand so much more. We have the yearly flu vaccine, and even conquered Ebola. So what was it about this particular Bat Soup virus that made it turn into a pandemic? Nobody seems to know the answer to that one. My answer is it was just time to happen. All the right tumblers fell into place, and the magic pandemic door opened. If it hadn’t been this one, it would have been another. In a hundred years, we are still no better prepared to fight this than we were in 1918.

The Epitome of Lethality

Now let’s assume that, like the flu in 1918, it comes back in successive waves over say eighteen months or so, killing more people and disrupting global commerce in a big way. What happens then? The government can print all the money they want, but it won’t amount to a hill of beans difference. Back in the 14th century, there was this thing called the Black Plague that wiped out about half the world’s population. That was another case of the tumblers falling properly into place, with a mini ice age and fleas on rats. What came out of that was roving bands of debauching marauders, masquerading as religious zealots. Today we have Jerry Falwell, Jr. calling the Cvirus a plot to hurt Trump. Sure sounds like a debauching marauder masquerading as a religious zealot to me. So much for science. Who needs it?

I reiterate my prediction: the worst of this will be over on April 22nd. That’s when the number of new cases and deaths will start to decline. It won’t be over at that point, not by a long shot. But it will signal that this won’t go on forever and we can slowly go back to normal. But will we ever really be normal again, if we survive this plague? That remains to be seen. Seems like we’ll go in one direction or another: into total oblivion or rejecting false demagogues and embracing science and facts. At this point, I wouldn’t bet on one or the other..yet.

Soldier on and wash your hands. My temperature today: 98.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

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