Not a good day. Robin got laid off and Kirsten was told she can’t return to work until April 4th. Neither has clear direction on how they’re supposed to be reimbursed for these lost wages. In the meantime, Congress fights over a $600 payment designed to even out differences in unemployment compensation rates between states. Republican Senators fear that $600 will keep people from going back to work. Oh for God’s sake: what is the matter with those morons?

Bless You, Brother Bern..You Got it Goin’ On

Bernie Sanders said he’d stall the whole vote if they try to change the language and eliminate that $600. Good for him. At least somebody’s got some gumption up there on Capital Hill. The House is just waiting for the Senate to send over the bill, and they’ll approve it post haste. At least somebody has their act together. Bless you Aunt Nancy.

The stock market is schizophrenic at the moment, with good reason. Is the damned bill gonna pass or not? But little do those machines that invest know that this is just the proverbial drop in the bucket. By the time this thing has cleared up – nation wide likely not until the fall – we will have likely had at least two and possibly three quarters of deep negative growth. Last week’s unemployment numbers will come out tomorrow, and that will be a big honkin’ number. I expect to see a drop in the Dow tomorrow when that reality hits. There will need to be at least two additional packages, one to keep people whole and the other as stimulus. We’re probably looking at 4-6 Trillion dollars before this thing is over. Oh my.

Not As Good Online as with Lynn at Jupiter Fitness

Around here, we continue to get through each day. I tried a little exercise today, but found that particular on-line routine dull, so I quit after 15 minutes. John is still working from home, and it’s interesting to listen to him help his fellow employees with their IT problems. He’s very patient and always seems to get them squared away. I’m sure they would miss him terribly if he weren’t available to help them.

I made banana nut bread this afternoon, as there were a couple very ripe bananas in the basket that I wanted to use. It’s Martha Stewart’s recipe, very easy and generally turns out great. Everybody around here likes it, except Emily, of course. I’ve been making it for years, so I don’t even have to consult the recipe. One batch makes three mini loaf pans’ worth. They’ll be gone by Friday.

Bless You, Yo Yo

Finally, a plug for Yo Yo Ma’s #Songs of Comfort that he has started on Twitter. A whole lot of folk are contributing songs, acapella, accompanied and everything in between. PBS features it a couple times of week as part of their arts coverage. It always makes me sad and proud of Americans when I see how we can come together this way, especially with home grown music. There’s even some from as far away as Lebanon, a country that seems to have lots of problems of its own at the moment. Check it out, and if you can sing or play, contribute something!

I need a project. Guess I’ll clean out the refrigerator tomorrow. Temperature 97.9° F. So far so good.

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