The CARES bill passed the Senate 96/0 after Bernie threatened to hold it up. They aren’t dumb..nobody wants to hold up unemployment benefits for the 3.3 million unemployed..and that’s just last week. Next week should be an even bigger number. The House will pass it tomorrow and DtheT/Blunderbuss will sign it quickly. Let’s get those $1200 checks into people’s bank accounts and wallets. We’re in trouble here, people.

The Apartment Complex Robin & Family will move into on Saturday

As previously mentioned, Robin is laid off and Kirsten can’t go back until a week from this Monday. We can only hope this bill provides some compensation for them when they need it most to cover their living and in the case of Robin’s family, moving expenses. Their move out date got moved to day after tomorrow since the apartment they selected wasn’t going to be ready for several more weeks. I suspect they lack staff to do the cleaning and such to get it ready. Nonetheless, we’ll be moving them this weekend, and still trying to maintain social distance from the people that they need to interact with. For example: they have their furniture in storage, so they may have to interact with the staff there. They will have to interact with staff at the apartment to pay the rent, unless they can do that online (more than likely they can). And all of us will be working to get them moved in so John can move into the cottage. That can’t happen until after we get it cleaned up after their departure.

Crazy Horse

As research for the redemption sequel, I’ve been reading about Crazy Horse and George Custer, two characters I intend to include in the story. Stephen Ambrose wrote the book, and his painstaking research has provided some extremely helpful details about the life of these two men. It will make my story much more authentic to know the characters through Ambrose’ book. Looking forward to getting started.

Still working with my therapist, although mostly we just talk at this point. Most of my issues that brought me to her are resolved, and she’s a great sounding board for these ideas about my writing. I really enjoy our time together, and hope to continue through this time of isolation and difficulty.

Mass Gatherings Greatly Increased Cases

It appears the US now has the most cases of any country, surpassing China and Italy. This should come as no surprise, given our late entry into this disaster, and the laxness about testing. We’ll see how the death rate tracks, compared to Italy and Spain. New York and New Jersey seem to have cornered the market on deaths so far. Governor Cuomo keeps warning that the test of us will be next. I’m not sure that’s true. I think it’s a question of timing and possibly location that will determine the results. That was certainly the case with the 1918 flu epidemic. If you avoid large crowds and maintain your immune system in good fettle, you will more than likely make it through this thing unscathed. Now, that is not to say that will be so forever. If it comes back, we’ll have to go through it again. Not fun and deeply damaging to bodies and pocketbooks.

That’s all for now. Take care of yourselves out there. My temperature is 97.7° F.

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