I did catch up with the video of the second Scripps webinar about repurposed drugs by Dr. Chattergee. I got through about 12 minutes of it, and had to turn it off. It was more about process than results, so what’s the point? Actually, it was sort of a commercial for Scripps. No thank you.

The last one I want to hang

Mostly I’ve been hanging pictures in the writing room today. I hate hanging pictures. It requires precision and a good memory (how many times did I have to remeasure that last one?) But I got done what I wanted to get done. The main one missing is my Basquiat, which is on its way. After I hang that one, I’ll stop until inspirations hanging any more until inspiration strikes. I don’t like too much on the walls.

There is so much contrariness on television, even on the PBS Newshour. Judy had two guys on to discuss the dismissal of the Michael Flynn case. Instead of being objective, they were clearly on the blue versus red, no-Trump versus Trump that it was most disheartening. The guy did what he was accused of. Having said that, was what he did bad enough to merit going to prison? Doesn’t it really boil down to that? I think so, and what do I know? Seems very straightforward to me. But everything is politicized now. Don’t we realize the world is going down the tubes to oblivion? Apparently not. We’re still arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Makes no sense to me.

Meat Shortage? Is it real or not?

What we need right now is leadership, common sense and clear perspective, devoid of political bent. More people will die of this bloody virus because we lack those three things. All I can hope is that neither I nor anyone I care about gets included in that statistic. But whether they do or not, is there anything we can do to get back to some degree of reason? I think that’s the question every citizen of the world needs to be asking, of themselves and their government. If nothing changes, why wouldn’t there be some kind of global uprising, spurred by fear, anger and desperation? People who lose their jobs lose their health insurance in the middle of a pandemic. Does that make sense? There’s now a shortage of freezers, as families prepare to buy meat in bulk in anticipation of shortages. Was this driven by media stories, or is it real? Is there any way to tell? If toilet paper is still not available after fifty five days of self-isolation, what does that tell you? Change gwana come, but I’m not sure it’s the change anybody really wants or needs.

Blame Me for All This Trouble

I am tired of this routine, but I’m afraid to change it. Is that a definition of agoraphobia? Maybe. Is it legit? Maybe. Who knows? People keep asking me if I know anybody that has even caught the virus. I do not, in spite of some previous scares. So does that mean it isn’t real? Who knows? I don’t know that I believe the statistics any more. The government says hospitals are naming Cvirus as a cause of death to get reimbursed. Articles in popular media claim additional cases have gone unreported because they occurred in nursing homes and haven’t been discovered yet. Wow. When we can no longer trust the information we are getting from any source, we’re in serious trouble. I know. I wrote a five book series on this very topic. Again I say, sorry…didn’t meant to unleash this genie.

That’s all for now. My temperature is 98.0° F. My blood oxygen reading is 93. My pulse is 93 bpm.

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